Local of the week - Malmö

Magnus Thure

He is the most well dressed man in Malmo, he have given name to a jeans collection and is vice president at the new office building for the media people of Malmö, Media evolution city. Magnus Thure Nilsson.

Hi Magnus, what are your 4 favourite places in Malmö? 

Outside the espresso bar Noir. It’s lot of people and movement going on and still Noir outside seating is a bit kept away from everything. 

The Corner Ystadsgatan/Claesgatan and all the incredible people there. This is a place at Möllan where all areas and cultures of Malmö meet and it’s hard to find anything like this in any other small city in the world. Old ladies in fur next to someone in Indian religious clothing beside a girl with dreads. Lovely.

Restaurant Bastard - you always feel welcome here, whether you want to eat, have a glass of white wine in the bar by yourself, or stay all night with friends. And it’s a very mixed crowd. I love the place.

Västra Hamnen - They have a wonderful boardwalk and it’s like Möllan. The whole world is coming here and makes the area human. 

Great thanks! What are your 4 favourite shopping places?

Bryggans bakery - In the new area Dockan, by the sea, there is a bakery with the best cardamom buns in town. More sugar, butter and cardamom than any other place.

Rolf shoemaker - The only really well stocked place to buy shoes in Malmö for men. They have good socks to! I have heard that there is another really good place for shoes opening up in the mall Caroli city as well.

Davidhallsgatan - On this street you have Popolino, Tjallamalla, A place, Spirit stores and more. Around the corner you have the shop Svensson (where you can buy the jeans ”Magnus Thure”) and woops you have emptied your wallet and your wardrobe is a bit happier.

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