Local of the week - Dan Stenqvist in Malmö

Dan Stenqvist

The Barista and Coffee Roaster Dan Stenqvist is a dedicated coffee fanatic who changed a career in economics and professional tennis for a job working with coffee. You can find him at one of Malmö’s most famous coffee bars, Solde Kaffebar. Together with the owners, Jonas Westesson and Johan Carlström, he runs Solde Microrosteri where the perfect roasting profile is created. 

Hi Dan! What is the coffee culture in Malmö like at the moment?

Well, the same things are happing here as in London, the coffee culture is advancing as more and more coffee micro roasting companies start up.
What’s great here in Malmö is that we now have a lot of younger, independent and hungry Baristas who work at a lot of different places. One of these is Felix Mulder who’s a student in Lund and works at Kaffebaren Möllan and Djäknegatans Kaffebar. They young Baristas run these guerrilla Barista competitions in the evenings, having a few beers, pour in a bit of milk and just hang out. What’s also great is the proximity to Copenhagen and the ease of exchanging skills and knowledge with the Baristas there.

Which coffee micro roasting companies have started here in Skåne?

There are quite a few, Solde, Lilla kafferosteriet, Love coffee Lund, Koppi kafferosteri i Helsingborg, Sandby kafferosteri in Södra Sandby.

What is your best cup of coffee?

The simple espresso after a good lunch. Or just a normal cup of filter coffee after a long bike ride. The company you’re in makes the coffee though, there’s no need to over analyse your coffee.

What do you enjoy the most about your job?

It’s varied, as a Barista you get the tempo of working in a bar during the day. It’s fascinating to meet so many people in such a short time and to be able to deliver a fantastic experience with a good lunch. Then of course to make the coffee, to grind it and extract it – that’s exciting. Coffee is a living product and behaves differently every day. As we roast our own coffee it gives it an extra dimension, you really want it to taste good and it’s even more fun to serve your own coffee.

What are your favourite things to do in Malmö?

Cyckling around town
In the summer we’re a gang from the coffee bar who will cycle on our racing bikes from S:t Knut’s square and over the fields at Videdals. Great fun!

Ribersborgs Strandpromenad.
This is Malmö from its best side! I enjoy summer evenings here. Then I go to Ribersborg and just sit on a bench, watching all the people cycling, rollerblading and jogging past. You can then walk back in to town to get a good view over Västra Hamnen. Great if there is a nice sunset.


I don’t skate myself but I love walking past to watch all the good skateboarders. Young kids who are remarkably good at skateboarding, and some of them are there with their dads too. Dad-skateboarding is big in Malmö!

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