This weeks Gothenburg local - Nor

Hi all! Meet the first local of the week - Nor, 27 years old. Lives in Majorna and work as PR Manager on female fashion brand Monki from Gothenburg.

Hey Nor.. what are you up to this summer?
Oh… I’m travelling a lot as always with work. And then the rest of the time I want to be with my lovely friends in Gothenburg. Also I’m planning a long trip to the states this fall so im gonna have to fix with that aswell.

So where do you hang out with your friends in Gothenburg?
I always start the day off with a cup of Coffee at Doppio. My favourite bar is Publik for a nice beer with the owner Jako. When I go to concerts I prefer the venue Woody West. Hmm then there’s food. I love Bon and Sjöbaren. Also the lobby at Elite Plaza Hotel is a nice place to hide from people and watch American people in big leather armchairs. That’s for when I want to escape reality.  Hmm.. but actually the best thing is to make your own bar in parks with friends! Like the mountain under Masthuggskyrkan.

Whats the best thing with living in Gothenburg?
Biking and just strolling down the streets. Minimal distance is so nice and I bump into friends all the time.

If you would recommend one thing a tourist can’t miss visiting here..what would it be?
To sit under the bridge by Röda Sten with two beers and watch our beautiful harbor entrance!

Summer is coming up and you’re into fashion… how do you think people should dress this summer?
Well…. [Nor thinking and mumbling]…. bare skin is the new black! Just believe in yourself and feel comfortable and you will GLOW of sexiness!

Finally.. do you have any music-tip from Gothenburg?
Easy one. Graveyard of course!!!!

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